Civil Rights and Cyberrights

"As a bridge for tolerance and understanding, the '68 HAIR was attacked by both the radical left and the radical right. As an entertaining and humorous poke at so many rigid positions of the day held by both left and right, it broke a lot of tabus, no matter who was watching it."
   Michael Butler - HAIR, NOW AND IN CHICAGO??

Mr. Butler could easily replace the '68 with a '96 in the above quote and not be far off the mark. In '68 civil rights were a big issue. In '96 civil rights are a big issue and the main battle is being fought in cyberspace. Once again, the kids are caught in the middle. HAIR addressed that in 1968 and still makes that point in 1996. In some ways it is shameful that it is still so relevant because it means our society still has a long way to go in terms of transforming freedom, peace and love from concepts into reality.

Please take some time to consider some civil rights sources, both on and off our web site. They deal with various aspects of freedom of speech in cyberspace and in the physical world. As we promised you can also find some good Chicago resources.

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