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Cyberbil is a theater publication, augmented by a permanent web-site on the Internet, that launches the world's burgeoning theater scene onto the forefront of technology. An exciting alternative to ordinary theater programs, its contemporary design and provocative articles underscore Cyberbil's philosophy that the passion and creativity exhibited on stage should be reflected in the programs that chronicle these productions.

Cyberbil's ultimate goal is to generate an interactive relationship with theater-goers by bringing the audience closer to the productions with this inviting program, and bringing the productions directly to the audience through access on the Internet.

Marketing Goal

The goal of Cyberbil is to capture the spirit of the theater in a program that reflects its exuberance, vitality and depth through innovative design and contemporary flair. It also acts as an interactive marketing vehicle outside the theater to generate increased awareness and patronage.

Theater-goers' experiences will be heightened with an interactive web-site that captures interest and promotes inquiries before they ever get to the production, and a program that not only brings them closer to the artistry while at the theater, but also leaves them with a souvenir-quality item that is worth keeping after they've left.

Advertisers will also benefit from the increased audience-interaction as Cyberbil invites the reader's eye and mind to get involved in its content, allowing individual advertisements to make a greater impact. In addition, the unlimited scope of the Internet provides a unique opportunity for advertisers to utilize an additional channel for reaching unprecedented numbers of individuals within their target markets.


Cyberbil premiered on February 18, 1996 at the grand opening of the Mercury Theater as the program for the opening night of POPE JOAN, the award-winning musical produced by Michael Butler.

With an initial print-run of 20,000 pieces, the focus for the preliminary distribution of Cyberbil programs will be on-site at the Mercury, Onyx, and Athenaeum Theaters. Productions will include Michael Butler's 1996 revival of HAIR, scheduled to run in August during the Democratic National Convention.

In addition, future distribution opportunities will soon include subscriptions, direct mail to ticket subscribers (existing and potential), and retail, museum and gallery locations. This expanded distribution will serve to promote the overall theater community by actively reaching out to patrons and drawing them in.


The Cyberbil web-site is a permanent destination on the World Wide Web for those seeking theatrical information ranging from a listing of current and upcoming productions to suggestions for pre-theater dining. The site is maintained by Cyberbil and updated regularly, as a complimentary marketing tool for the theaters. Each theater has a separate icon that opens its own individual listing on productions and theater information.

The creative possibilities for on-line advertising are endless: audio and video clips can be integrated to play a musical score or show actual production footage; advertisements can be brought to life with motion and sound; audiences can make their opinions known to (and hear back from) producers, artists and advertisers, for a uniquely interactive theater experience.

Since the design and maintenance of a web-site is typically cost-prohibitive for most theaters to implement independently, Cyberbil now offers the opportunity for them to tap into the unlimited marketing potential of the Internet, without the corresponding risk of a large financial investment. Advertisers can also utilize Cyberbil as an experimental entre into the world of on-line advertising, or as a supplement to their existing web-sites which will expand their current audience.

If you have comments, questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact Karen Baker, executive editor of Cyberbil. You may reach her by email at or phone 312.563.0495.

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