Scroll down to watch the movie of us singing live at the reunion!

The highlight of the reunion for most of us was the portion of the evening we spent singing some of the songs from Hair. It was an extraordinary experience, as you will see and hear from watching this 1 minute 38 second film of the last 3/4 of Aquarius shot by Sean "Dauber" Courtney. Even after 35+ years and no rehearsal whatsoever, not only did all the harmonies come effortlessly back to us all, but the choreography did as well! I hope that this film can capture a small sense of the joy and love with which this part of the evening flowed out of the hearts and souls of several hundred Hair alumni. It was sheer magic. Special thanks to Sean Courtney for shooting this film and for allowing us to share it with you here.

Click here to download the film of Aquarius live at the Hair reunion September 10, 2005

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