The HAIR Archives

The Hair Archives is a nonprofit organization recording the history of the musical HAIR from its inception through major current productions. In addition to the Hair Online Archives you are viewing here, located on the website of the original producer, Michael Butler, we also maintain a larger physical archive. The Online Archives contains over 400 articles and over 1000 photographs, a portion of what is archived in the HAIR Archives. We also maintain a video collection, an audio collection, scripts, and much other material that is not online. The offline portions of the Archives are available for viewing only by appointment, by qualified researchers, or other serious students of theatre history, the history of HAIR, or the times that HAIR came out of and reflects. We also do research, for a fee, for those unable to undertake it themselves. In addition we offer support and many resources to directors and companies undertaking current productions of HAIR.

The Hair Archives is also involved with several other projects relating to the history of HAIR. One of the main ones is the Voices of the Tribe project. This project seeks to record the memories and oral history of HAIR and the times it came out of, from all cast and crew of first run productions and tours, and others who were there. Another major project currently underway is an annotation of HAIR's script, offering explanations and derivations of lines, essays on relevant topics such as the Vietnam War, the hippie culture of the times, the peace movement, and extensive production support.  We work with Jonathon Johnson on his amazing Master Cast List, and are in the process of assembling chronologies for the lead roles in the major companies. We maintain a contact list for HAIR alumni, and are in the process of forming a Hair Alumni Association.

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We constantly search out HAIR memorabilia, and are always greatful to ex-cast members who have sent us scrapbooks, and scans, and other things saved from those days (including the occasional monetary donation). A special thanks to those who have donated to The HAIR Archives recently:

Michael Butler
Robert Camuto
Bill Swiggard
Jonathon Johnson
Trevor Dayton
Linda Rios
Beverly Bremers
Adam Redfield
Mary Romanek
Carolyn Weaver
Carol Ruth
David Pappy Hunt
Danny Miller
Sally Shafer
Randy Bowser
Larry Basinski
David Patrick Taylor
Corinne Broskette
Michael Riddle
Lee Newton
Robin McNamara
Kevin Mason
Glenn Lucas
Barbara DiSalvia Siomos
Charles M. Preston III
Pat Gallagher
Sandy Scott
Eric Brown
Bruce Rusin
Leo Lunser
Debbie Andrews
Bridgeport Downtown Cabaret Theatre

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