Sydney Daily Telegraph, June 6, 1969

About one dozen Sydney policemen were unexpected guests at the opening of the controversial tribal rock musical "Hair" last night.

This followed a telephone call to the Lifeline Centre from a would-be suicide.

The anonymous phone caller claimed that two smoke bombs were fitted within the padding of two seats in the Kings Cross Metro Theatre.

The planned opening of the musical to go off in a blaze of publicity took on a dramatic note when police arrived at the theatre at five past ten.

Detective Sergeant Cox followed by two traffic patrolmen and six other police in uniform bowled up to the cashier's desk.

Detective Sergeant Cox spoke to an assistant manager, then directed various policemen to the upper and lower sections of the theatre to inspect the various rows.

The police spent about ten minutes, to the dismay of the patrons, examining the seats.

At 10.25 p.m. the police bowed out, satisfied that the bomb call was only a hoax.

Interval was at 10:15 p.m., with the foyer crowded with hundreds of patrons trying to de-  [REST OF ARTICLE MISSING]

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