New Zealand Mulls Ban Of Hair Disks
Variety - July 2, 1969


Officials of the government controlled New Zealand Broadcasting Corp. are examining hair longplay disks.  Indications are that the LPs will either go into the vaults or be destroyed.  It also looks certain that the platters will be banned from sale in local stores.

New Zealand is a noncommercial country insofar as tv and radio are concerned.  Both media are solely operated by the government.  Populace has to take what the officialdom dishes out.

Three miles off the New Zealand coast a pirate radio station is operated by a band of ex-Aussie radio announcers and technicians.  Commercials are extensively used by the "pirates".  Possibility is that the "pirates" may smuggle in Hair longplay to fight the government ban.

In Brisbane recently a police magistrate ordered all Hair disks to be destroyed.

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