Tom O'Horgan Bio
from Who's Who In The Theatre

NOTE: This bio only lists credits through it's date of publication in early 1978

O'HORGAN, Tom, director and composer
b. Chicago, Ill., 3 May 1926; e. DePaul University

Directed many plays off-off Broadway, most notably at the Cafe LaMama for Ellen Stewart, before directing his first production off-Broadway, 6 from LaMama, at the Martinique, 11 April, 1966, the six plays performed on two consecutive evenings being Thank you, Miss Victoria, This Is the Rill Speaking, Birdbath (in Bill One), and war, The Recluse, and Chicago (in Bill two);  also composed the music for these plays;  since then has directed Tom Paine (also music), 1967;  directed the LaMama Troupe in Tom Paine at the Edinburgh Festival, Sept 1967, and at the Vaudeville, London, Oct 1967;  Times Square, Futz (also music), hair (on broadway and at the Shaftesbury, London), 1968;  author of the play Massachusetts Trust produced in Sept 1968;  directed and wrote the music for Lenny, conceived for the stage and directed Jesus Christ Superstar conceived for the stage, directed, and co-produced Inner City, 1971;  directed Dude, 1972;  directed Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band on the Road, 1974;  The Leaf People, 1975;  The Architect and the Emperor of Abyssinia, 1976;  Hair (restaged), 1977;  directed The Tempest (and also wrote the music), Feb. 1978.

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