1960's and other related links and resources

This section contains links for those interested in further research into the times Hair came out of.
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Books (Fiction & Nonfiction) About the Sixties

Sixties Photos

Gene Anthony Sixties photos

Lisa Law's Sixties Photographs

Hippy Land Online Magazine

The Hippieland Glossary

The Summer of Love


Hippyland Links Page

Colin's Haight Ashbury Archives

The Digger Archives Home Page

Timothy Leary Home Page

Psyhedelic '60's Homepage

Woodstock 1969

Old Hip's Groovy Hippie Links

Summer of Love 30th anniversary celebration

Haight-Ashbury Map

Concise Bibliography of the Haight-Ashbury

Allen Ginsberg Memorial

The Monterey Pop Festival

Key-z Production

Hippies on the Web links page

Zodiacal Zephyr: Astrological Resources

The Sixties Project

Bil Paul's photos of the sixties

The Chicago 1968 Democratic Convention

The Abbie Hoffman Web Page

Country Joe McDonald

Bobby Seale

The Kent May 4 Center

Mike & Kendra's Kent State, May 4, 1970 Web Site

Alan Canfora's Kent State May 4, 1970 site

Stew Albert's Yippie Reading Room

Philm Freax Digital Archive

Peter Coyote


About Yippies

Trial of the Chicago Seven

The Martin Luther King, Jr. Papers project

National Civil Rights Museum

What would your draft lottery number have been?

Peace Love and Me

The World's Largest Peace Sign Collection & History of the Peace Sign

Miss Deal's Free Hippie Postcards

The Hippie Museum

<>The Hippie Dictionary website

Vietnam Links

A special thank you to HAIR's Tioga Joe and Sibley J. Smith, Jr., Director of Education, Vietnam Era Educational Center
for his help with the Vietnam links in this section.

The New Jersey Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Foundation (contains the Vietnam Era Educational Center)

Vietnam Glossary

Vietnam Era Acronyms

The Virtual Wall

The Vietnam Veterans' Home Page

The Vietnam War Resource Center

Women In Vietnam

4th Bn. 9th Infantry "Manchu" Vietnam

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