Good HAiR Days
A Personal Journey With The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical Hair
by Jonathon Johnson

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What they're saying about GOOD HAIR DAYS:

"GOOD  HAIR DAYS ~ A book written by original tribe member Jonathon Johnson, tells the story of HAIR from the inside. For the first time, discover what was happening on the frontlines as HAIR spread its message of peace and love. In this unique book, the author is joined by Producer Michael Butler and over 25 other original tribe members who share their stories.
Good HAIR Days takes you into the eye of the hurricane that swept the world off its feet. Join the tribe as they lived it, and loved it through the laughter and the tears.  Learn how HAIR was much more than just a show. HAIR won two landmark censorship battles in the US Supreme Court. The first in Boston when they tried to shut down HAIR for being lewd, lascivious and desecrating the flag. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of HAIR. The nation's highest court was called into action again when the show was stopped from opening in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The issues HAIR raised drew strong denunciations, and the controversy grew even stronger when the show went on the road. There were many physical threats, some which were tragically carried out.
Good HAIR Days offers a refreshing glimpse into the psychedelic 60s and 70s.  It reintroduces the world to the messages of HAIR, which are just as relevant today as they were in 1968. Good HAIR Days will rock and shock you all over again."

"Good HAIR Days, written by original cast member Jonathon Johnson, offers an insider's look into the Broadway musical HAIR. Johnson is joined by original producer Michael Butler and over 25 original cast members who share their stories. HAIR was more than just a show, it was a message of love and peace that survived strong denunciations and controversies that exploded once the show went on the road. Many threats followed, some which were tragically carried out.

Join the HAIR tribe as the cast and crew lived it. Good HAIR Days covers these events and reintroduces the world to HAIR's messages, which are just as valid today as they were in 1968. An honest and accurate view of the production history, Good HAIR Days is filled with touching personal stories, original cast lists, and many humorous events that offer a refreshing glimpse into the psychedelic 60's and 70's."

"You made it clear from the beginning what was unique about this book and the whole concept of the show "Hair."  I was immediately hooked by the beginning of the book and kept eagerly reading throughout."


"The structure of the book was easy to follow, being a chronological account of the happenings in and around the production of Hair and your life events at that time.  I was hooked! The Ending of the book was satisfying with your excellent final paragraph, followed up by stories from other cast members."


The content of this book was interesting and timeless.  You drew word pictures of a vivid time, the people, your own personal story, a vignette of the culture of the 60's, and a nostalgic remembrance of a great show.  Your own story was personal and engaging. At first glance, I thought the book would be completely about the show and its production.  When I read your story added to the mix, it made it all more personal and brought the time to life in a way that just seeing the facts from an impersonal distance would have failed to capture. I also enjoyed your philosophical ideas about drugs, sex, etc. and found myself agreeing with all.

Jonathon,  kudos on a well-written and fascinating book!  I'm your age and was in college during the late 60's, so reading Good Hair Days brought back many fond memories for me.  It was a magical time, wasn't it?  And Hair was the greatest!  Reading your book made me want to get out the music and listen again. Just as the characters in Hair made you think of people you knew, reading the book made me think of old friends from the period. Reading the story from an inside cast member's point of view was especially fun.  Please do consider adding some artwork and photos to the book. I really felt the lack of them!  Hair was so visual and vibrantly colored, I wanted to see some of this in the book.  And it would be great fun to see pics of you, then and now. This book was a pleasure to read.

Good HAIR Days ~ Published in April 2004 by iUniverse

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