4th Birthday Party Concert in Central Park
May 7, 1972

A gorgeous spring day graced the 4th birthday party concert at the Band Shell in Central Park. Cast members from several countries, and almost all of the current New York Tribe gathered to sing and celebrate.

To see the program from this concert click here.
Milling around on the bandshell before the show started. L to R: ?, Gloria Goldman, Otis Stephens, Bo Golden, Stephen Fenning (back to camera, blue shirt), Zenobia Conkerite, Ula Hedwig (foreground).
Ula Hedwig, Delores Hall, and Jennifer Lee.
Before the show L to R: Bryan Spencer, Jose Fernandez, Jim Rado, Richard Bayne, Billy Alessi, Gloria Goldman (back to camera).
Delores Hall. In the background Kathrynann Wright and Marjorie Barnes.
Hair band guitarist Alan Fontaine.
L to R: Bo Golden's hair, Dale Soules, Beverly Bremers, Jim Rado, the top of Debbi Dye's head, Shelley Plimpton, Willie Windsor, Candice Earley.
The roof of the bandshell with banner and balloons.
Jim Rado
Candice Earley, Gregory V. Karliss, and in the foreground out of focus, Victoria Medlin.
Jim Rado
Top to bottom: Oatis Stephens, Bryan Spencer (red hair), Stephen Fenning (brown hair), Gloria Goldman, Shelley Plimpton, and a little bit of Debi Dye's head. Out of focus in the foreground a European cast member.


Ula Hedwig. In background are L to R: One of the Alessi brothers, Bryan Spencer, Jose Fernandez, and Stephanie Parker. 
L to R: Dale Soules, Mary Seymour, Kathrynann Wright, Jennifer Lee, Marjorie Barnes.
L to R: Marjorie Barnes, a tiny bit of Bryan Spencer, Jose Fernandez, Stephanie Parker, and Carl Scott. In the foreground with the mike is a Jose "Yipi" Francisco Tijerina - the Mexican Berger
L to R: Shelley Plimpton, Gloria Goldman, Debi Dye, Jonathon Johnson (head turned), Candy Earley, Peppy Castro, Beverly Bremers shoulder.
L to R: Gloria Goldman, Debbi Dye, Bo Golden, Shelley Plimpton, Candice Earley.
Candice Earley, Peppy Castro, Beverly Bremers, Michael Rhone, Dale Soules.
L to R: Gloria Goldman, Debbi Dye, Bo Golden, Shelley Plimpton.


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