An outdoor concert given in July 1971 by the Mercury Tour in Baltimore, MD, to support Hair's performances
at the Morris Mechanic Theater there.

Left to Right: Linda Compton, Doug Rowell (at mic), Betty Lloyd, Gayle Riffle, Lynn Pitney, Lyle K’Ang (at mic), Kalani Molina, Linda Gaines, Arnold McCuller, Zora Rasmussen, ?, Pappy Hunt (at mic), Tyrone Miles, Mark Weiss (lighting).

Arnold McCuller, Corky, Pappy Hunt

?, ?, ?, Ceecee Eaves, Gayle Riffle, Lyle K’Ang, Kalani Molina, George Mansour, Linda Compton, Linda Gaines, Betty Lloyd, Zora Rasmussen, Naomi Wexler, Pappy Hunt, Doug Rowell, Lynn Pitney. In far background Kenny Yovicson (guitarist and conductor)

Naomi Wexler,  Pappy Hunt,  Doug Rowell,  Lynn Pitney,  Arnold McCuller, Charles Irwin.  In the left background Glenn Lucas (bass player),  Right background in camouflage hat Mark Weiss (lighting), and in dark floppy hat Rusty Carlson.

Jonathon Johnson and Tyrone Miles

Zora Rasmussen, David Stidwell, ?, David Lasley, Johnathon Johnson, Lyle K'Ang, Naomi Wexler, Betty Lloyd, ?, Tyrone Miles, Doug Rowell, Joanne Harris (yellow jacket), Linda Gaines (red jacket).

Black & White photos courtesy Pappy Hunt
Color photos courtesy of Jonathon Johnson.

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