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NOTE: When comparing these to the photo of these pages, the bios read Left to Right, top row, then bottom row.

IX   Libra
Really dug Hair album.  Takes life as it comes and that means sex only with love and she hasn't found love yet.  Doesn't need speed, acid or anything because she's naturally high.  "I really talk fast and speed would only make me talk faster."  Respects herself, her body, her mind.  "I do for it what I want it to do for me."

I   Sagittarius
Digs guitar, painting, freaking, and skiing.  Thinks God is good, religion is bad, life is good, pot is good, speed is bad, sex is good, hippies are good, civil rights rae good, politics are nowhere, art is good, love id good, Viet Nam is bad, nudity is good, the flag is a good flower, astrology helps.

IX   Pisces
Out of folk clubs with some Stanislavsky type group therapy improvisational theatre.  Lots of TV lately with the Smothers Brothers.  An album that says "Jennifer - I Can Remember Everything."  Lots and lots of childhood years full of Alice In Wonderland,  The Wizard of Oz, and Bernadette of Lourdes.  "When I saw Hair in New York all I could think was that it was like what happens when I get together with my friends - only with an audience looking on."  As for hobbies, "I hobby most with the sun and ocean."

VIII   Scorpio
From Reading, PA;  a charter member of the Shakespeare Society of America.  Believes we don't need drugs - "A natural high can be found."

V   Libra
Born October 14, 1946 at 11:45 (a.m.? p.m.?)  From Miami with experience in Golden Boy and Sweet Charity on tour as well as the movie of Sweet Charity.  Thinks being in HAir is a gas.

III   Aries
After New York public schools and a year of the University of Oregon, she's been busy un-learning everything she's been taught before it's too late.  Sang with the Renaissance Chorus in New York.  Thinks Hair is scroungy.  Has a dream that one day everybody will have a flash and start tearing down skyscrapers, smashing TVs and making their nests in the trees, allowing the streets to corrode, empty.

VI   Libra
God help us, is from Arkansas.  Did a stint as Miss Arkansas a year or two ago.  Thinks "hippie" is a stupid word.  Thinks obscenity is an unhealthy concept and astrology is uncanny and fun.  As for nudity, "I must admit it's a minor problem for me, but these inhibitions are unhealthy and a result of all that Arkansas crap."

V   Taurus
Taurus with Aquarius rising and the moon in Virgo, and Mars, and Venus in the house of Taurus.  5' 10 1/2 " 265 pounds.  Played Village folk clubs since he was 13.  As to pot:  "asking about that is a no-no.";  alcohol: "not in mixed company.";  Sex: "everyone should have one.";  Viet Nam: "I won't go.";  The flag: "They make groovy shirts";  Astrology: I believe, I believe, Glory Hallelujah!"

II   Scorpio
from Los Angeles, with a lot of experience in rock and roll groups, with sculpture and floral design as his hobbies.  Gene thinks HAIR is very strong musically and satirically poignant.

VIII   Capricorn
A folk musician, the last three years with "The Womenfolk".  She thinks that all governments suck, the world is going down the drain, and she keeps busy doing all the things our boys are over there defending.

IX   Aquarius
A minister's son, and most recently with the Clara Ward Singers.  He's not prepared to discuss death because he's never spoken to anyone who died.

IX   Gemini
A graduate of the Pasadena Playhouse, with TV and movie experience, including WEST SIDE STORY.  Saw HAIR five times in New York last year and decided she had to be with it.  "Finally, thank God, here I am - a part of the revolution in the American Theater."

V   Sagittarius
From Richmond, California...boxing is his hobby.  No previous theatrical experience.  Thinks that all the questions HAIR deals with have been predicted and their time has come...but few people are ready to face it.

VIII   Scorpio
A graduate Zoologist from N.Y.U. with summer stock and two films already behind him.  Hobbies include stairstepping, playing Zorro and writing.  "I believe in good, and what I believe is good."

I   Capricorn
Hobbies are body feeling and boxing.  Thinks life is an up, death is the ultimate trip, religion is irrelevant.  God is pissed off, speed is for jets, alcohol for rednecks and sex is for everybody's children.  Thinks civil rights must be earned by being born.

V   Capricorn
Born at midnight in Harlem.  Has been with ROAR OF THE GREASEPAINT and PAJAMA GAME in Miami.  Goofs on other people's seriousness.  "Saluting a rag on a stick is no big thing baby...do it if it moves you."

VII   Pisces
Weighed four pounds when she was born.  Toured with the Harry Belefonte Singers.  Says life is too much, death is something that has to be taken care of and, as to Civil Rights, she wishes she had some.

III   Libra
Going to UCLA.  Hopes to graduate by the time she's 35.  Played Bianca in CATCH MY SOUL.  A minister's daughter who loves being a woman.  Thinks civil rights are no sweat in CAlifornia and says she couldn't make it without astrology.

VI   Pisces
Thinks religion is groovy if it's inside you, but bad when they put it in buildings and books.  Says hippies exist only in the hearts and the minds of lame people.  Sex is good only with someone you dig.  Alcohol is sloppy.  "I can't hassle any more questions."

VIII   Capricorn
The third member of the cast from Quintano High in New York.  Appeared in JIMMY PARADISE, the national company of THE SOUND OF MUSIC, and summer stock.  Collects antiques and thrift shop clothing and reads about the supernatural.  "I wish that people would look at different colors of the skin like different colors of the rainbow."

IV   Sagittarius
Born December 7, 1947.  Appearances in CAROUSEL, MUSIC MAN, MY FAIR LADY, and ALISON.  Thinks religion is a creation we hold onto because we are so weak and have not learned to believe in ourselves.  Believes in reincarnation.  "Our minds and souls have lived before and will live after our life on earth."

IX   Leo
Graduated from McCallister's School of Embalming and then decided life could be more beautiful than that.  Feels more closely related to death than most and has come to the conclusion that none of her customers have come back.

VI   Aquarius
Born at midnight, thinks HAIR is the first real theater since Shakespeare and Anthony Newley.  Thinks pot is best grown in a warm climate with lots of water.  Thinks it's silly that the flag is not allowed to touch the earth it represents.

IV   Leo
From Philadelphia, with a young lifetime of experience in community theater in Tampa, Florida.  His hobbies - "all kinds of cheap thrills."  He thinks there's nothing obscene about and animal's skin, but that "war" is the most obscene word he knows.  A little tired of astrology and the question "What sign are you?"

VIII   Aries
An Aries with Aquarius rising.  A little bit of college, some singing in New York clubs.  God - alive...Life - plenty...Sex - lots...Civil Rights - give them...Love - LOVE!

I   Taurus
From little theatre and off-Broadway work in New York.  Loves HAIR to death.  Says we are all God..."everything I do is my religion."  Not interested in politics except that "Viet Nam is a drag."

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