Mercury Tour On Stage

These photos were taken by Mercury Tour bass player Glenn Lucas during the spring and early summer of 1972. They were taken at several different theaters that the Mercury Tour stopped in at that time, primarily in Corning and Rochester, New York, although a few shots are from different shows. They have been arranged in the order of the show, so there are ocassional differences in the cast from one photo to the next.

Claude (Bill Swiggard) sits on stage ready for the opening ritual before the start of the show.

"Transendental meditation on the ocean of reality is looooove..." Left to Right: Zora Rasmussen, Nikki Dixon, Linda Gaines (Sheila), Linda Compton, ?

"My name is George Berger, but I don't dig George..." Rick Spiegel as Berger. In background, L to R: Anita Krpan, ?, Naomi Wexler, Nikki Dixon.

Nikki Dixon watches Berger's opening monologue. To the left of her is Sheila (Linda Gaines), to the right Lynn Humphrey.

"Hey Lady, hold my pants?" L to R: Anita Krpan, Linda Gaines (Sheila), Nikki Dixon, Steven Scharf.

Berger (Rick Spiegel) during his opening speech. Lynn Humphrey in the shadows at the lower right.

Tribe reacts to Berger's sighting of his "Mom" in the audience. L to R: Lynn Humphrey, Nikki Dixon, Linda Gaines (Sheila), Naomi Wexler (in far back), Anita Krpan.

Woof (Randy Keyes) gives his opening speech.

Hud (Jerry Combs)

Photos copyright Glenn Lucas and The Hair Archives. All rights reserved.

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