Photos from Ebony Magazine - May 1970

Chicago Tribe - Ursuline Kairson, Valerie Williams, Alaina "Tiny" Reed, Eamon Williams Woof, on floor), Charlotte Crossley, Stan Shaw....

Chicago Tribe. Left to Right: Carol Ruth, Valerie Williams, Chuck McKinney, Stan Shaw, and Andre De Shields.

Chicago Tribe. Coming out of What A Piece of Work Is Man, "How dare they try to end this beauty....." Center front, facing camera Linda Rios. To the right of her Charlotte Crossley. Red shirt facing front Alaina "Tiny" Reed.

San Francisco Tribe

San Francisco. Left to right: Karl Richey, Merria A. Ross, and Roger Cruz.

San Francisco. Electric Blues. Left to Right: Star Donaldson, Susan Madley, Paulette Ellen Jones.

London. Left to Right: Ethel Foley, Marsha Hunt, Joanne White.

Toronto. "Many moons since Roanoke..." Back to front: Rudy Brown, Brenda Gordon, and two male tribe members.

Paris, Left to Right: Mauricia Platon, Gloria Carter, Celia.

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