Photos from TeenSet Magazine - February 1969
All photos are of the LA company

The Supreme's sing White Boys up on the platform

  I Got Life.  Including left to right: Gerry Ragni (Berger), Ben Vereen (Hud, w/ headband), Bert Sommers (white shirt w/blue sleeves), Rhonda Ogelsby Coulet black shirt and gray vest), Jennifer Warnes (Sheila blue shirt, red vest), Willie Weatherly (in back orange and white shirt), Teda Bracci (Jeanie/Mom), Jobriath (Woof - holding mike), Jim Rado (Claude), Elaine Hill (yellow sleeves, headband), Delores Hall (white shirt), Denise Delapenna (red shirt), Greg Arlin (brown vest at right edge).

I'm Hung. Jeanie going down her trap door, while Woof holds it open for her.

Photos by Jay Thompson

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