Michael Butler

Producing Director

As a producer, Michael Butler is best known as the force who brought Hair from the Shakespeare Free Theatre to Broadway. His involvement with theatre also includes work on Lenny , TheGolden Apple , West Side Story , Cantonsville 9 , and Reggae on Broadway .He is the producer of the movies You Are What You Eat and Hair . Mr. Butler also operated a number of discos including Talisman, Inferno, Ondine, Hippopatomus, and LeBison. His most recent venture is Orlok, a development and production company.

Although his theatrical resume is impressive in and of itself, Mr. Butler's activities and accomplishments are hardly limited to the entertainment industry.

Mr. Butler's academic background includes attendance at Butler School, Avery Coonley School, Chicago Latin, Arizona Desert, Culver Military Academy, R.O.T.C., Univ. of Virginia, Univ. of Colorado, and Butler Paper School.

His interest in his community and world affairs has led him to fill civic roles in both local and national politics. He has served as Special Advisor to Senator John F. Kennedy on the Middle East, Chancellor of the Lincoln Academy, Commissioner of the Port of Chicago, President of the Organization of Economic Development in Illinois, P.A. to Governor Otto Kerner, President of the Illinois Sports Council, and he was a Democratic Canidate in Du Page County for the State Senate.

In the business world, Mr. Butler's accomplishments include paper salesman [competition winner] and V.P.General Sales at Butler Paper Co.. He has worked with Butler Overseas, Overseas Bank Ltd., Basic Investment Corporation, Vision, Rand Hotel Corporation, Dugda I and Dugda II, Patherdi Coal Washeries, and on the reconstruction of Hejaz Railroad. His current projects include Stellaris, INTRAFI and Orlok.

He has also participated in numerous real estate projects including work with Talisman Development, Sugarbush, Oak Brook Development Company, Old Oak Brook, and Oak Brook Hills Hotel and Golf Course.

Mr. Butler is a life member of the following organizations: Explorer's Club, The Art Institute of Chicago, Guards Polo Club,(UK),Oceanographic, the All-Ireland Polo Club, National Steeplechase & Hunt and National Geographic. He is a member of Knickerbocker, Racquet & Tennis, (NY); The Casino, Racquet, Arts Club,(Chi); United States Polo Association; and the Bears.

Mr. Butler's interest in athletics have led him to an active participation in many sports including polo, tennis and yachting. He serves in many positions including Whipper-In Oak Brook Hounds, Chairman U.S. Equestrian Trials Committee, Vice Commodore Talisman Corinthian Yacht Club, President SkiClub 10, Governor United States Polo Association, Chief Umpire of U.S., Ch. Oak Brook Polo Club, Chicago Polo Club, Captain Oak Brook Polo Team and the Warfield Polo Team.

His Anglo-Irish family first arrived in America in 1654. In the early 1800s, his ancestors Asa and Simon Butler were the first American paper makers to make paper for the U.S. Congress. In the 1830s, Oliver Morris Butler built a paper mill on the Fox River in Illinois. In 1841, Julius Wales Butler founded the J.W. Butler Paper Company on State Street in Chicago, IL. , the oldest family owned business in Chicago. They also were the largest landowners in Du Page County.

Michael Butler was born in Chicago, Illinois to Paul Butler and Marjorie von Stresenreuter. He is the father of Adam Butler.

He has been decorated as Laureate with the Order of Lincoln.

Mr. Butler has lived in Oak Brook, New York City, Belerbei (Turkey), Montecito, Los Angeles, Warfield, Berks (UK).Currently Mr. Butler resides in Chicago.

Mr. Butler may be contacted at mbutler@orlok.com

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